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Mediatrix 4102 (MGCP Software) Analog Adapter

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SKU# MDX-4102-01-MX-M5000-a-b0

Quick Overview

The Mediatrix 4102 connects up to two analog phones and/or fax machines to an IP network.

Mediatrix 4102 (MGCP Software) Analog Adapter

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  • Mediatrix 4102 (MGCP Software) Analog Adapter
  • Mediatrix 4102 (MGCP Software) Analog Adapter

Product Description

The Mediatrix 4102 connects up to two analog phones and/or fax machines to an IP network. The network interface is provided through a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port. In addition, the 4102 comes equipped with a second Ethernet port for LAN application. The unit requires a power supply and a power cord, which are included.

The 4102 is available in two models:

- 4102 for SIP(102-01-MX-S5000-a-b0) and MGCP applications(4102-01-MX-M5000-a-b0)
- 4102S for Secured Applications using DGW 2.0(4102-01-MX-D2000-a-b0)

Previous configuration files will not work with the latest SIP firmware version. Old configuration files must be migrated to work with the new firmware or the device’s firmware version must be downgraded to work with the old configuration files. We cannot supply the devices with the previous version of the firmware preloaded.

The 4100 Series also provides web interface, giving users a convenient access to the unit for initial set-up. The devices can also auto-provision by fetching their encrypted configuration from a TFTP or HTTP server making installation secure and transparent to the end-users. To further facilitate deployments, factory loaded configurations are possible.

Technical Specifications

Voice Functionalities

* Carrier-grade voice quality
* Fax over IP support, including T.38
* PSTN bypass (emergency calls), PSTN bypass available on models 4108/4116/4124, optional on model 4104
* Up to 24 simultaneous calls

Ease of configuration and management

* Automatic firmware and configuration file download
* SNMP and web management
* TFTP or HTTP auto-provisioning


* Support for SNMPv3
* Encrypted configuration files support
* HTTP Digest authentication
* Secured SIP signalling and media transmission
* TR-069 for massive deployments (optional feature available at purchase time)

Network functionalities

* QoS features support
* DHCP client
* STUN Client

IP Telephony Protocol

* SIP – RFC3261

Voice Processing

* Vocoders: G.711 (A-law, μ-law), G.723.1,G.726, G.729a/b
* G.168 echo cancellation (64ms)
* DTMF detection and generation
* Carrier tone detection and generation
* Silence detection / suppression and Comfort Noise Generation level software adjustable
* Configurable dejitter buffer
* Configurable tones (dial, ringing, busy)
* Configurable transmit packet length
* RTP/RTCP - RFC 1889, RFC 1890, RFC 2833, RFC 3389

Enhanced Security

* Compliant with multiple enhanced security protocols offering a rich feature set including: SIP, MIKEY, TLS, SRTP, certificates management, and HTTPS
* HTTPS, for the exchange of Configuration File and web pages.
* SRTP with MIKEY or SDES.
o Supported Cypher:
+ AES – 128 bits
* MIKEY key management protocol (RFC 3830 and 4567)
* SDES key management protocol (RFC 4568).
* X.509 Certificate management.
* TLS transport method.
o Supported Key Exchange Mechanism:
+ Diffie-Hellman
o Supported Cyphers (minimum):
+ AES (128 and 256 bits)
+ 3DES (168 bits)

Fax and Modem Support

* Group 3/Super G3 Fax real-time FoIP over clear channel (G.711), G.726 or T.38
* T.38 Fax relay (9.6 k, 14.4 k)
* G.711 Fax and Modem Bypass
* T.38, fax tone detection and pass-through on G.711 and G.726


* Web-based GUI
* TFTP, HTTP configuration up- and download (Auto-provisioning)
* TFTP, HTTP firmware upgrade
* SNMPv1, v2 and v3 agent (MIB II and private MIB)
* TR-069 for massive deployments (optional feature available at purchase time)

Call Routing

* Local switching
* Interface hunt groups
* Routing Criteria
o Interface
o Calling/called party number
o Time of day, day of week, date
o ISDN bearer capability
* Number manipulation functions
o Replace numbers
o Add/remove digits
o Multiple remote gateways
* Call properties manipulations
* SIP header manipulations

WAN Connection

* 1 x 10/100 Base T Ethernet RJ-45 connector

Analog Connection

* Mediatrix 4124: 1 x RJ-21X TELCO 25 pairs connector, analog phone/fax (FXS) interface.
* Mediatrix 4116: 16 x RJ-11 connectors, analog phone/fax (FXS) interfaces.
* Mediatrix 4108: 8 x RJ-11 connectors, analog phone/fax (FXS) interfaces.
* Mediatrix 4104: 4 x RJ-11 connectors, analog phone/fax (FXS) interfaces.
* Mediatrix 4102: 2 x RJ-11 connectors.


* TOS/DiffServ
* IEEE 802.1p/Q

Enhanced Telephony Features

* Multiple SIP Proxy support via DNS SRV
* Call Forward / Call Transfer / Conference Call / Call Waiting support
* T.38, fax tone detection and pass-through on G.711 and G.726
* Inter-digit timer and IP dialing
* Echo Cancellation / Dynamic Jitter Buffer / Voice Activity Detection / Silence Suppression
* Message Waiting Indication, via FSK
* Flash hook event signaling
* Caller ID Generation (Name & Number) as per Bellcore DTMF or FSK
* Multiple Virtual Gateways

Operating Environment

* Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C
* Storage temperature: -20°C to 70°C
* Humidity: up to 85%, non-condensing

Power Supply

* AC: Standard power cord receptacle (IEC 320-C14) for universal AC input internal SMPS.

Main Advantages:

* Interoperable with equipment from leading industry vendors.
* Major savings in long-distance and PSTN access fees.
* Re-use of existing infrastructure such as analog phones and faxes.
* Simplified wiring = savings in ADDS/MOVES/CHANGES.
* Compliancy to current legacy standards increases compatibility with actual PBX or Key systems.
* Access to essential PSTN Emergency calls capabilities even during power outages.

Mediatrix SDK (Software Development Kit)

* Enables developers and content authors to create rich, integrated VoIP applications for their specific requirements.
* Available for download free of charge at http://mediatrixsdk.media5corp.com
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